The Story

My timing was comical; arriving in India in February 2020 to start a new posting, two weeks before global media introduced us to something called COVID-19. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, imposed the world's biggest ever lockdown and closed India's international airspace. However, there is no country that I would have rather have been 'stuck' for the COVID roller coaster. For, without this turn of events, I would have never met the Keshwanis. 

This family treated me as one of their own, and turned a country that was completely alien to me, into a home. After originally meeting their matriarch, Uma, for some fabulous Indian cooking lessons, I was introduced to her son - only a few years younger than me and now one of my closest friends and business partner. Through our shared love of motorbikes (particularly Royal Enfields), he introduced me to the wonders that his country had to offer, from the forts of Jaipur to the foothills of the Himalayas. 

It was on one of our many adventures that we came across the artisans that paint the metalware that you see on this website. I originally purchased a selection of the tumblers and jugs for my own use. But everyone who saw them raved about their beauty, stating that they wished they had access to them in the UK, and where could they get their hands on some? And thus an idea was born. 

There are dozens more stories and adventures within this that led us to where we are today, but the dominant theme is that of one family's kindness, hospitality and heart - thus the name of this cross-ocean endeavour - Parivaar, or in English, Family.